Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What's missing from the "dirty dozen" list?

Is it any wonder that print newspapers keep losing subscribers? The Arizona Fish wrap…err Republic is a classic example of a local paper that just doesn’t get it when it comes to covering the local (i.e., Arizona State) university football team. Putting aside that the fish wrap devotes too much coverage on weekly basis to the team from down south in Tucson, the latest example comes from a column this week about the “toughest teams to face the Sun Devils in Tempe.”
The list includes a game against unranked Notre Dame in 1998 but fails to mention the classic game pitting a top-ten ranked ASU versus rival UofA (ranked #11 at the time) for the WAC championship in 1975. Game highlights included ASU overcoming a double-digit deficit and featured “the catch” in the back of the end zone by John Jefferson. Also missing were various Fiesta Bowl matchups, including an ASU victory over #12 Oklahoma in 1983 and a loss to top-ten ranked Penn State in 1977.

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