Saturday, September 20, 2008

12 Guys in Teal

Finally, someone who looks worse than Phil Mickelson in a polo shirt. Actually, 12 someones. 12 pretty feeble-looking Euro lads.
For a change the Americans are playing good, solid match play golf, and have a good chance of finally taking home the Ryder Cup for the first time since Payne Stewart's airplane crashed nearly a decade ago. And phat Phil is playing like a leader. So Go Team USA.
And since you're all thinking it, maybe Team USA plays better without its most famous player. There is no "i" in team, but there sure is one in "Tiger".


jutwinbaby said...

Isn’t the Ryder Cup a horse race? Do we really care about what a bunch of overpaid middle-aged dudes are wearing?

todd said...

I agree.

Chas Hustle said...

The red-white-and-blue was flying proudly from the Valhalla course in Kentucky, boys. Why do you folks hate America?

jutwinbaby said...

Valhalla? Only a lover of opera or golf would ever use that word in a sentence. Or a Professor of Nordic studies. As for myself, I prefer "real" American words such as apple pie, chevrolet, capitalism, Reagan, etc.