Monday, March 31, 2008

QB of the Future

Once again Cardinals QB Matt Leinart displays the maturity and common sense that we need in our leaders. The Dirty has the scoop on Leinart partying with underage women at his house. Again. This guy is an idiot. Count me as one vote to start Kurt Warner.

Leinart needs to grow up and act like a leader instead of a frat boy. Moreover, I'd give him some slack if he had demonstrated on the field that he knows what he's doing or that he is taking the time to really understand the offense. But so far he's been a disappointment.

Update: Columnist Dan Bickley agrees with me here.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"Golfer Clap!"

This isn't the first time that Tiger Woods or his fierce kiwi caddy have taken action against the dreaded --wait for it-- photographer, but is demonstrates that golf is out of touch. As the NY Times reports here, Woods and his caddy lost their temper because a photographer was snapping pictures as Woods prepared to swing. The caddy kicked the camera because he had lost his patience. Woods defended his caddy's actions saying basically "that's stevie being stevie." Woods himself made a profanity laced threat after a camera click "disturbed" him during a swing.

And not the first time. Back in 2002, Stevie threw a fan's camera into a lake.

The problem isn't Tiger or Stevie's temper. The problem is their expectations. This idea that everyone must be "funeral parlor still" is just silly. As if Golf was some precision sport in comparison with, say, tennis or baseball. Those games are hard as hell and require excellent coordination and concentration. Yet we can yell and scream all we want. It is only effete, gentile golf that requires our silence. Stupid.

Tiger wants us to buy his products, yet he insists we treat him like a gifted pianist. Its time for this crap to stop. Grow up Tiger. Keep your caddy under control and hit the ball while we talk or cheer or take pictures. Just like the big boys in tennis, baseball, basketball, football etc etc etc.

More on China v. Tibet

This says it all:

Arena Football Rankings Week 5

The Rattlers were awesome this week --they destroyed a woeful New York Dragons team. Jeff Smoker turns out to be decent when given time to throw. Whether he has time in the future will determine how the Rattlers do.

Grand Rapids, usually woeful, plastered an amazing 92 points on KC. The Brigade are just terrible. Did they not realize that this isn't AF2 or touch football? After all the progress of last year, its like they returned to expansion team status. Changes must be made --starting with QB. But better for KC to suck than the Rattlers.

RANK Last Week Team W/L Comment
1. (1) Philadelphia Soul 4-0 Destroyed LA
2. (2) Dallas Desperados 4-0 Winning without QB Dolezel.
3. (3) Chicago Rush 3-1 Bonner looked great in blowout.
4. (5) Tampa Bay Storm 2-1 Big game v. Soul this week.
5. (10) New Orleans Voodoo 3-1 New QB Wimprine is playing great.
6. (4) Cleveland Gladiators 3-1 Blown out this week.
7. (7) San Jose Sabercats 2-2 SJ looked good in loss to Dallas
8. (11) Arizona Rattlers 2-2 Smoker decent if given time.
9. (8) Colorado Crush 1-2 No longer an elite team.
10. (9) Georgia Force 1-3 Disappointing Season
11. (13) Orlando Predators 2-2 Two wins in a row.
12. (6) Los Angeles Avengers 2-2 Blown out again
13. (15) Columbus Destroyers 1-3 BeLong way to go in tough division
14. (17) Grand Rapids Rampage 1-2 92pts v. KC
15. (12) New York Dragons 1-3 Awful loss to AZ
16. (16) Utah Blaze 0-4 Blaze need to find some Defense. Still.
17. (12) Kansas City Brigade 0-3 Changes must be made.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

On the turning away

There comes a time when we are all faced with moral challeges. When we do something we think is necessary even though we will be criticized for it. It takes guts, courage, and moral conviction. That time has come for me. I am a casual fan of a few college hoops teams. Dayton, Ohio State, Wright State, and ASU. The first three are the local teams of where I grew up and of course ASU is my current local team. That said, I also root for UofA when they aren't playing one of my teams. I'd love to see Arizona's woeful football program get better. But its hard to root for the hoops team. They have been so good for so long that their fans have a sense of superiority that is both annoying and yet pathetic.

But their gloating and sense of entitlement in regard to the Wildcats' selection into this year's NCAA tournament put me over the top. They actually believed they deserved to be in more than ASU. Give me a break. ASU beat UofA twice and finished ahead of them in the PAC-10. That should be the end of the discussion. Had Joe Wildcat said "That sucks, I'm glad we're in, but the Sundevils were robbed" then I'd be fine. But no, they pointed to their long record of success and domination over the Devils and claimed that that somehow justified this years outcome. What a crock.

Regardless I'm done. I'm rooting against the Wildcats hoops team from here on out. Wildcat fan, I hope you're happy.

What to Boycott?

[Guest post]

In 1949, Mao's communist peoples army began its so-called“"liberation"” of Tibet. Over half a century has passed and after the flight of the Dalai Lama, tens of thousands of people are dead or missing. This includes Gendun Nyima, the 6 year old successor to the Dalai Lama who was kidnapped by the Chinese in 1995. To mark the anniversary of the occupation, there have been recent protests in Tibet. There have been calls for an Olympic boycott to highlight the suffering in Tibet as well.

But the US Olympic committee spokesman said that a boycott will accomplish nothing and that it ranked among the worst ideas ever conceived. However, talks of an "atheletic boycott" are misplaced. A boycott will not accomplish much more than punishing young athletes who have spent a lifetime preparing for their moment in the spotlight. (Remember the US boycott of Moscow in 1980?) Instead, what about boycotting corporate sponsors who are in a position to do something about the tragedy in Tibet but will be profiting from the Olympic games instead? If consumers decided to boycott Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Visa and GE, a message would be sent about corporate responsibility. The greatest way to strike a blow for freedom is not to prohibit some 20-year-old in a Speedo from swimming 50 meters in a pool, but to ensure that corporate sponsors who remain silent on the issue of Tibet don’t profit from the games. [editor note: I totally agree. US companies who participate with China are complicit in its abuses in Tibet]

The Straw.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Arena Football Rankings Week 4

The Rattlers were awful again. I have nothing good to say, so I'll just post the rankings. Here's a nice picture of the Cleveland-Columbus showdown.

RANK Last Week Team W/L Comment
1. (1) Philadelphia Soul 3-0 Soul Roll.
2. (2) Dallas Desperados 3-0 Winning without QB Dolezel.
3. (4) Chicago Rush 2-1 Michna played well. QB controversy?
4. (6) Cleveland Gladiators 3-0 Beat Columbus! Three narrow wins.
5. (3) Tampa Bay Storm 2-1 Ugly loss to Voodoo raises questions.
6. (5) Los Angeles Avengers 2-1 Thumped by Georgia
7. (7) San Jose Sabercats 2-1 Nice win over Arizona.
8. (8) Colorado Crush 1-1 No longer an elite team.
9. (9) Georgia Force 1-2 A quality win over LA.
10. (11) New Orleans Voodoo 2-1 New QB Wimprine is playing great.
11. (10) Arizona Rattlers 1-2 QB J. Smoker remains awful.
12. (12) New York Dragons 1-2 Dominated by Philly from the start
13. (17) Orlando Predators 1-2 Off the schneid.
14. (15) Kansas City Brigade 0-2 Most disappointing team of 2008.
15. (13) Columbus Destroyers 0-3 0-3 is ugly.
16. (14) Utah Blaze 0-3 Blaze need to find some Defense.
17. (16) Grand Rapids Rampage 0-2 QB McPherson was awful.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Arena Football Rankings Week 3

The LA-AZ game was a disappointment to say the least. LA picked on tiny AZ DB Trufant all night. The guy had quickness and great technique, but as Dan put it: "At the end of the day, the guy is too short." The program lists Truffant at 5'8", but I'd guess he's closer to 5'5". Brutal night for a guy who busted his ass. Either the Rattlers need to get someone taller in that spot, or the line needs to improve the pressure on the QB so that Truffant isn't left out to dry.

Worse, starting QB Lang Campbell got injured, and in came backup QB Jeff Smoker of Michigan State (in)fame(ous). Too put it bluntly, Smoker sucked. He held the ball too long and missed too many open receivers. A full week of practice should help, as Smoker has played well in arenaball on occasion, but here's hoping that Campbell (ankle) returns soon.

RANK (Last wk) Team Name W/L
1. (1) Philadelphia Soul (2-0)--Many thought Chicago was top dog. Oops.
2. (3) Dallas Desperados 2-0 --Winning without QB Dolezel.
3. (4) Tampa Bay Storm 2-0 --Storm is for real.
4. (2) Chicago Rush 1-1 --Bonner made too many mistakes.
5. (9) Los Angeles Avengers 2-0 --Nice win over Rattlers on Monday.
6. (10) Cleveland Gladiators 2-0 --Two narrow wins to start in new City.
7. (7) San Jose Sabercats 1-1 --Unimpressive win over Grand Rapids.
8. (9) Colorado Crush 1-0 (bye) --Dallas game next week will show a lot.
9. (5) Georgia Force 0-2 --By far the worst drop off from 2008.
10. (8) Arizona Rattlers 1-1 --Backup QB J. Smoker was horrible against L.A.
11. (15) New Orleans Voodoo 1-1 --Nice win for home opener.
12. (17) New York Dragons 1-1 -- Backup QB Davey playing well.
13. (11) Columbus Destroyers 0-2 -- Tough schedule is no excuse.
14. (13) Utah Blaze 0-2 -- Blaze need to find some Defense.
15. (12) Kansas City Brigade 0-2 --2nd most disappointing team of 2008.
16. (16) Grand Rapids Rampage 0-1 --QB McPherson played well in loss to SJ.
17. (14) Orlando Predators 0-2 --Loss to Voodoo means Predators suck.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ray Hudson, world's greatest color commentator

While John Harkes may be America's worst soccer announcer, transplanted Brit Ray Hudson may be the best. The fun starts at about 30 seconds into this video. Preview: he is not a fan of Tom Cruise.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Arena Football Rankings Week 2

A lot of great, close games this weekend. I'll be attending the Rattlers home opener this week against Los Angeles. It should be fun. Long-Time Rattlers QB Sherdrick Bonner looked great in his first game for the Chicago Rush. Congrats!

Ranking (Last week's Ranking)

1. (2) Philadelphia Soul- (1-0) Statement win over Orlando.
2. (5) Chicago Rush (1-0) Bonner is back in a dominating win over the defending champs.
3. (1) Dallas Desperados (1-0) Quality win in week 1, but Dolezel's injury drops them to #3.
4. (6) Tampa Bay Storm (1-0). Nice win over KC.
5. (4) Georgia Force (0-1). No shame in losing to Dallas.
6. (3) San Jose Sabercats (0-1) Grieb looked so-so in a bad loss to tough Chicago.
7. (9) Arizona Rattlers (1-0) Beat Utah without Burley.
8. (10) Los Angeles Avengers (1-0) Nice game by QB Cumbie.
9. (11) Colorado Crush (1-0) Nelson is a solid replacement for Harrell.
10. (12) Cleveland Gladiators --(1-0) QB Raymond Philyaw delivered as promised.
11. (7) Columbus Destroyers (0-1). No alarm bells yet.
12. (8) Kansas City Brigade (0-1) Played well in Loss to Storm.
13. (14) Utah Blaze (0-1) Still no defense in 2008.
14. (13) Orlando Predators (0-1) Offense struggled against the Soul
15. (15) New Orleans Voodoo. (0-1) Horn didn't make enough difference.
16. (17) Grand Rapids Rampage (0-0. Bye week.)
17. (16) New York Dragons. (0-1) Garcia was bad and then got hurt. But backup Rohan Davey should be an okay fill-in.