Tuesday, August 26, 2008

College Football

Ah yes, the smell of leaves and the crisp cool winds of autumn. Well, okay... who am I kidding? It is August in Arizona and its still crazy-hot here. Anyway college football is upon us and that means good times. I'll be attending the Arizona State- Northern Arizona "rivalry" game this Saturday and I hope it stays within 14pts at least 'til halftime. I'm going courtesy of Justwinbaby, and so I plan to enjoy the free grub provided for his fancy loge seats.

Time for a quiz!

Ohio State is occasionally derided by Pac-10 fanboys for playing a weak in-state schedule before the Big 10 portion of the season kicks in. But Ohio State does occasionally lose those in-state games. Name the last Ohio school to beat the Buckeyes. Click HERE for the answer.


Anonymous said...

The best part is that from the age of the paper it looks like Oberlin beat OSU (Jr.) before Oberlin went co-ed. Those were some tough chicks at Oberlin. If this really is the last time an Ohio team beat State, it really says something sad about OSU (jr.)'s scheduling.

Todd said...

Oberlin was co-ed back in 1921 (when the win occurred) pal.

Anonymous said...

What is Oberlin's mascot, isn't it the Fightin' Poets or the Emos?