Thursday, March 20, 2008

On the turning away

There comes a time when we are all faced with moral challeges. When we do something we think is necessary even though we will be criticized for it. It takes guts, courage, and moral conviction. That time has come for me. I am a casual fan of a few college hoops teams. Dayton, Ohio State, Wright State, and ASU. The first three are the local teams of where I grew up and of course ASU is my current local team. That said, I also root for UofA when they aren't playing one of my teams. I'd love to see Arizona's woeful football program get better. But its hard to root for the hoops team. They have been so good for so long that their fans have a sense of superiority that is both annoying and yet pathetic.

But their gloating and sense of entitlement in regard to the Wildcats' selection into this year's NCAA tournament put me over the top. They actually believed they deserved to be in more than ASU. Give me a break. ASU beat UofA twice and finished ahead of them in the PAC-10. That should be the end of the discussion. Had Joe Wildcat said "That sucks, I'm glad we're in, but the Sundevils were robbed" then I'd be fine. But no, they pointed to their long record of success and domination over the Devils and claimed that that somehow justified this years outcome. What a crock.

Regardless I'm done. I'm rooting against the Wildcats hoops team from here on out. Wildcat fan, I hope you're happy.

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Pagondas said...

Chill out, bro. They lost last night.