Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"Golfer Clap!"

This isn't the first time that Tiger Woods or his fierce kiwi caddy have taken action against the dreaded --wait for it-- photographer, but is demonstrates that golf is out of touch. As the NY Times reports here, Woods and his caddy lost their temper because a photographer was snapping pictures as Woods prepared to swing. The caddy kicked the camera because he had lost his patience. Woods defended his caddy's actions saying basically "that's stevie being stevie." Woods himself made a profanity laced threat after a camera click "disturbed" him during a swing.

And not the first time. Back in 2002, Stevie threw a fan's camera into a lake.

The problem isn't Tiger or Stevie's temper. The problem is their expectations. This idea that everyone must be "funeral parlor still" is just silly. As if Golf was some precision sport in comparison with, say, tennis or baseball. Those games are hard as hell and require excellent coordination and concentration. Yet we can yell and scream all we want. It is only effete, gentile golf that requires our silence. Stupid.

Tiger wants us to buy his products, yet he insists we treat him like a gifted pianist. Its time for this crap to stop. Grow up Tiger. Keep your caddy under control and hit the ball while we talk or cheer or take pictures. Just like the big boys in tennis, baseball, basketball, football etc etc etc.

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