Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Arena Football Rankings Week 3

The LA-AZ game was a disappointment to say the least. LA picked on tiny AZ DB Trufant all night. The guy had quickness and great technique, but as Dan put it: "At the end of the day, the guy is too short." The program lists Truffant at 5'8", but I'd guess he's closer to 5'5". Brutal night for a guy who busted his ass. Either the Rattlers need to get someone taller in that spot, or the line needs to improve the pressure on the QB so that Truffant isn't left out to dry.

Worse, starting QB Lang Campbell got injured, and in came backup QB Jeff Smoker of Michigan State (in)fame(ous). Too put it bluntly, Smoker sucked. He held the ball too long and missed too many open receivers. A full week of practice should help, as Smoker has played well in arenaball on occasion, but here's hoping that Campbell (ankle) returns soon.

RANK (Last wk) Team Name W/L
1. (1) Philadelphia Soul (2-0)--Many thought Chicago was top dog. Oops.
2. (3) Dallas Desperados 2-0 --Winning without QB Dolezel.
3. (4) Tampa Bay Storm 2-0 --Storm is for real.
4. (2) Chicago Rush 1-1 --Bonner made too many mistakes.
5. (9) Los Angeles Avengers 2-0 --Nice win over Rattlers on Monday.
6. (10) Cleveland Gladiators 2-0 --Two narrow wins to start in new City.
7. (7) San Jose Sabercats 1-1 --Unimpressive win over Grand Rapids.
8. (9) Colorado Crush 1-0 (bye) --Dallas game next week will show a lot.
9. (5) Georgia Force 0-2 --By far the worst drop off from 2008.
10. (8) Arizona Rattlers 1-1 --Backup QB J. Smoker was horrible against L.A.
11. (15) New Orleans Voodoo 1-1 --Nice win for home opener.
12. (17) New York Dragons 1-1 -- Backup QB Davey playing well.
13. (11) Columbus Destroyers 0-2 -- Tough schedule is no excuse.
14. (13) Utah Blaze 0-2 -- Blaze need to find some Defense.
15. (12) Kansas City Brigade 0-2 --2nd most disappointing team of 2008.
16. (16) Grand Rapids Rampage 0-1 --QB McPherson played well in loss to SJ.
17. (14) Orlando Predators 0-2 --Loss to Voodoo means Predators suck.

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