Thursday, January 10, 2008

East Coast v. West Coast

Okay, more like West Coast v. Midwest. Several guys who allege they'll post on this blog like to throw the smack around. This came up during the 11th annual tourney. Some bitterness about Ohio State, as usual.

For posterity, here are their rants. Some good stuff in there.
Click Here to read rants.

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Anonymous said...

This site is having a competition for best mayor in the world! Both Phoenix and . . . Columbus' Mayor are in the running (as is LA). Here is the chance for more east west smack. How can you compare the mayor of a real 21st Century growing city with the mayor of a has been rust belt trainwreck. Other than having to deal with 76,000 alleged buckeye "students" and the behavior of the Buckeye football team, isn't the Columbus Mayor's job just to wait a year or two and then turn out the lights after the last Columbian moves to the Sunbelt. To that end, its good that OSU fans go to a bowl each year so they can get to go to a real state, decide to move and give their kids a chance at a real life as Californians, Arizonans,or hell even Louisianans.