Tuesday, January 8, 2008

About. Damn. Time.

Two news stories today caught my eye. One is that the BCS is looking at a "Plus One" bowl to take place after the top 4 teams play each other in the top BCS bowls --for a real national championship. This year that wouldn't have worked because Kansas (orange bowl winner), Georgia (Sugar Bowl winner), and of course LSU would have had a claim to 1 of the 2 spots. Nevertheless, even better news is that Georgia (bitter about having to play Hawaii after getting stiffed in the BCS standings the final week) is calling for an 8 team playoff. Read the story here. Basically the top 4 bcs bowls would be the quarter finals and then there would be two semi-final games and a final after. I'm not sure why the quarter-finals couldn't be assigned to bowls as well, but I'm happy about the proposal. Georgia is right, there were shenanigans going on in the BCS process. Plus the Rose Bowl was downright silly for picking Illinois. Far better to have a playoff to see who is the best -whether it be 4, 8, or 16 teams.

It is time for the networks and bowls to quit deciding who gets in and who is out --let the teams decide it on the field.

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