Monday, January 14, 2008

Bitter Twellman: Don't Dwell, Man!

MLS runner-ups New England Revolution (owned by Bob Kraft of Patriots fame) has an outstanding player in Taylor Twellman. Too bad Taylor re-upped with the Revs for $300k a year --as now Europe has come calling with offers of big transfer fees. To Taylor's frustration, MLS/Revs (depends on who you ask) keep turning down the millions for the rights to Twellman's services as a striker.
Espn covers it here.

I feel bad for the guy --rare is the opportunity to play for big money and big glory in the English Premiere league. I almost don't blame him for whining about it. Almost. The Revs showed faith in the guy by signing him to a big (for MLS), longterm contract last year. Now he wants out. But too bad. Good for MLS for keeping one of stars it developed ---the league needs to keep guys like Twellman in order to build its product. If only my Columbus Crew had done that years ago when they let Brian McBride go to Fulham...

Anyway, ol' Taylor needs to quit whining and concentrate on playing better for the US National Team (where his performance is up and down).

1/15/08 UPDATE: Soccer America says basically the same thing here in comparing Twellman's plight to Eddie Johnson's relative "freedom" to pursue Europe. Did Twellman have a "trigger clause" in his contract that would have set him free?

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