Saturday, November 3, 2007

Mourning the Sting & Bonner

So the pro indoor lacrosse league the NLL avoided losing the season by resolving its labor dispute with players. Good. But unfortunately, expansion team Boston and Arizona Sting will not play the year. I've been to a couple of Sting games and they're actually really fun. So they'll be missed (though I only go when I get tickets for free-- so that is probably part of why they lost $5M last year). This isn't necessarily
a bad thing in my view, as it opens the door just a bit for pro indoor soccer in PHX.

*The AZ Rattlers (arena football) let long time starter Shederick Bonner go (to Chicago). Read the Republic Story here.
This is a blow to Rattlers faithful as Bonner has been the QB here for well over a decade. But new ownership is spending serious money on player upgrades (they have to --they've offered FULL REFUNDS to season ticket holders if they don't make the playoffs) and they don't have room to overpay an aging QB. I cancelled my season tickets (due to my mgmt demanding I slash personal spending) but it looks like this may be a good season for the Rattlers. They are pursuing former star Chris Horn (who has been in the NFL the last three years) and if they get him they would have the best WR corps in Arenaball.

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