Sunday, November 18, 2007

Brad Bird's politics are confused

Iron Giant was a lovely mess of an allegory.

The Incredibles was wonderful, but are we really supposed to believe that a super-villain smart enough to wipe out nearly all super heroes would be a champion of mediocrity?

And, now comes Ratatouille, just released on video.

Spoiler alert.

The animating spirit of Ratatouille is Gasteau, a proponent of the radical — for France — theory that Anyone Can Cook. Remy, the rat protagonist, channels Gasteau and becomes, Cyrano-like, a top chef and the savior of Gusteau's formerly five-star restaurant.

But, once Remy resuscitates the restaurant, he becomes indispensable. Surrounded by talented, driven, and trained cooks — including the oh-so-sweet Colette — none of his magic rubs off. And, when he goes AWOL, the restaurant nearly sinks. Until he returns.

Turns out, only Remy Can Cook.

Bird makes wonderful movies. And, I've got no problem with movies with a message. (Lion King anyone?) But, if he's going to make the message front-and-center, he ought to work it out a bit better.


Roosevelt Old Bouy said...

Umm, who's Brad Bird?...

Todd said...

brad bird is the writer/director of "The Incredibles" and the film Sean discusses. I agree with his assessment of the French Rat movie, but I thought "The Incredibles" was, well, incredible.

Roosevelt Old Bouy said...

No to Ratatoullie? You uncultured swine!