Monday, November 5, 2007

"Are you in heaven now?"

Those were the words uttered by my lady in the first half of the Monday Night Football game as the Steelers were up by 21 to 0 against the dreaded Old Browns (i.e. The Ravens) and Terry Bradshaw was being interviewed in the booth.

My answer: "Hell yeah I am in heaven".

It was fantastic. The Steelers demolished the Ravens 38-7 and the 75th anniversary team was introduced at half-time. Steeler greats Stallworth, Swann, Blount and Bradshaw were all interviewed, the 70's Steeler dynasty team was talked about over and over again, and the present day Steelers were killing a hated division rival.
I would say, my birthday came a few days early.

Again, fantastic.

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Todd said...

Thank you Joe for illustrating the difference between having kids and not having them. I, too, am a life long Steeler fan whose "lady" knew of my fandom. My birthday comes on the same day as yours (though I am much wiser --being older and all...). And the game was glorious to be sure. It was a game to be savored. But my wife did NOT ask "Are you in Heaven?" She asked "When will you start watching the kids/doing the dishes/ taking out the trash/ etc etc"
Do you see the subtle distinction?

I had to watch the first quarter via TIVO (dinner w/ family) and while normally that is fine -- I just hit the 30second fast forward button (a gift from Jesus I think) between plays. But as you know, this was a game to be savored and tasted and slowly enjoyed. The 30 second button was an evil, annoying necessity. Who knows how many sepia montages of my beloved 70s Steelers I missed. How many insipid interviews with failed Governor candidate Lynn Swann that I missed. I did get to hear Terry in the booth, but I missed Franco. Was he there?

Go Steelers!