Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Viva Brazil 2014

No big surprise here. SI reports that Brazil has been awarded the 2014 World Cup. Given FIFA's "rotation system" and the fact that the only country in South America prepared to host the World Cup Tournament is Brazil, Brazil was a shoo-in.

The problem is the same as it was in 1986 for Columbia (Mexico had to step in when Columbia Couldn't pull it off) --will Brazil be able to get it's economy and infrastructure in place in time to host this mega-event? Actually, the problem is worse this time. The event is MUCH larger than it was 20 years ago, and will only be bigger come 2014. Brazil meanwhile is a mess.
SI's Tim Vickery says here that Brazil will probably not pull it off.

USA is poised to sweep in and take on the host duties if it can (and Brazil cannot) --an outcome FIFA would like to avoid. But don't get too hopeful Americans, no less than The Economist magazine says that Brazil's economy is on the upswing here. If they can get organized then it may be time for us to start learning Portugese and saving our cash for a trip to South America.

American fans have been counting on getting the World Cup in 2018 --because the previously-mentioned FIFA rotation system lands on North America in 2018 and USA would be the obvious front-runner based on our "big event" experience and the unmitigated success of the 1994 World Cup in USA. But not so fast my friend. FIFA has just announced the rotation system is dead starting in 2018! (click here). This is a clear blow to USA Soccer and leaves things wide open for 2018. SI notes Australia is serious about getting it. Click here to read. So perhaps our best shot is to "steal" a world cup from Brazil for 2014 or South Africa for 2010. This move may also reflect FIFA's unspoken belief that 2010 will be taken from South Africa due to organization problems -and given to the USA. Time will tell.

10/31 Update: Here's the trouble --England is bidding for 2018 and will likely get the support of the very powerful Europe Federation.

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Fan Guy said...

According to the Newark Star Ledger, here's why the rotation was scrapped in two words: Damn Euros.

Why FIFA caved on Cup rotation
Posted: Wednesday October 31, 2007

FIFA's decision to end its rotational system for future World Cups couldn't be worse news for U.S. soccer fans, who were hoping to see the tournament back on American soil in 2018. Since the United States hosted the most profitable World Cup in history at the time in 1994, FIFA has looked to bring the tournament to different areas of the world, which included Japan and South Korea in 2002 and South Africa in 2010. FIFA caved under heavy pressure -- likely from Europe -- to open the 2018 bidding. The U.S. Soccer Federation has said it will be in the mix, but by then the World Cup would have been away from Europe for 12 years, and that's just too long in the eyes of a confederation that filled 14 of the 32 berths last year. The unanimous decision by FIFA's executive committee came immediately after it rejected a CONCACAF proposal that would have ensured a team from the region host the 2018 World Cup.