Wednesday, October 31, 2007

An End to "Busch-Wacking"?

According to something called Scene Daily, NASCAR is considering a rule change for its 2nd level series (formerly known as the Busch series, now with Nationwide Insurance as the new title sponsor) that would prevent NASCAR's top drivers (in the Nextel Cup) from getting victory points in the lower series. Read the story here.

This is an essential move if the Busch...err Nationwide Series is to have any meaning. Right now the series is dominated by Nextel Cup drivers who drop down for extra practice and ca$h. This would be like Major League Baseball teams playing minor league teams and being eligible to win AAA level championships (Hey, maybe the Reds can finally win again!).

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Sean Roche said...

Before I'd recommend or support a change, I'd want to know what makes the Cup drivers more competitive: more talent or better cars.

Maybe the answer is some sort of handicap, like a higher minimum weight, to balance whatever benefit.