Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Is this the year for the Suns?

My father-in-law has part of a season ticket package for the Phoenix Suns, and so I get to join him for about 7-10 games a year. I know. I'm blessed. We have good seats and the games are a blast. For those who hate the NBA and prefer college hoops, I have no idea what you are talking about. Maybe its because I get to see the run-n-gun Suns, but NBA basketball is really fun to watch. [insert hilarious "It's FAN-Tastic!" joke here]
The Suns were crushed in the playoffs last year by the evil thuggish Spurs. Okay I actually like the Spurs, but there is no doubt that they were allowed to be way too physical with the Suns. Memo to Bob Horry: KMA!
Anyway, the Suns lost their one physical guy (Kurt Thomas) --but that is not all bad because he was slowing us down. The Suns will cruise to 60-65 wins again this year, but its the playoffs that matter. We've added a gimpy Grant Hill --which should help. I love the guy regardless. At Center we have Sean Marks and uh... Brian Skinner as stoppers (and when Amare wants to play forward) and we have the rookie Alando Tucker (from Wisconsin) as our defensive Forward. So, yeah, we aren't exactly going to match up well with the Spurs. But mebbe we won't face them in the playoffs (if we can get Dallas or Utah to do that for us). Shawn Marion is unhappy, but he is in a contract year and is 'top-effort all the time' guy anyway, so he'll be fine. Plus, we still have the amazing Steve Nash. He is the coolest. Despite our playoff woes, I still love the way the Suns play and I think they can stay healthy, this is the year they disprove all the haters who say all out basketball can't work in the playoffs. That said, I still pick the Spurs to win it, but I am hoping for the Suns.


1. Chicago (will they get Kobe?)
2. Boston (should be a blast to watch)
3. Detroit (they could crash and burn)
4. Miami (not that good)
5. New Jersey (Should be good)
6. Milwaukee (eh....)
7. Cleveland (no surprises this year)
8. Atlanta (Joe Johnson is a baby)

WEST (By far better)
1. Phoenix
2. San Antonio
3. Dallas
4. Denver
5. Utah
6. New Orleans
7. Houston
8. LA Clippers

EAST FINALS: Chicago over Boston
WEST FINALS: San Antonio over Phoenix

NBA CHAMPS: San Antonio over Chicago

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