Tuesday, March 3, 2009

2 years at $20 million sounds pretty good

This hurts to say, but the Bidwills are right with respect to Warner. Hey, Kurt, there's no "i" in team or in John 3:16. $10 million for the only year you're likely to be any good, plus another $10 million in case the team wants to hang on to you in 2010 as well, and we'll throw in a receiver who will catch anything you can throw at him. Hey, man, if you want to cadge a free steak dinner off the 'Niners, that's cool, but there is no way those guys are gonna fork over more money. You're a perfect fit for the Cardinals, and they are treating you fairly.

Mind you, my inability to criticize the Bidwills only goes so far. If you all want to make Warner settle for less than he wants (i.e., be treated like everybody else in America during a recession), you better make sure you use all your cap room to get us a running back (not Lamont Jordan -- a running back) and some big fellas on the D- and O-lines. And if you need even more cap room, trade the sulky California kid; as dumb and immature as he appears to be, Leinart will command a decent trade to make the rest of the team better.


Anonymous said...

The problem is the Bidwell’s have no credibility on this issue. The Cards are well under the salary cap and this isn’t about Benjamins but respect. Money equals love and commitment in the NFL. Warner wants the phat contract to ensure the team has truly invested in him and he won’t be riding the pine if he has a bad game or two. This is his last contract, he deserves to be rewarded for not only the next two years, but what he did the previous two.

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