Monday, January 12, 2009


Peter King of reports:
"About New York'' column in Saturday's New York Times about the Yankees' request to the city for $370-million in additional taxpayer financing, on the heels of already getting $942 in prior financing; in addition, the city has committed $660 million to replace the open spaces used by the next stadium and for parking improvements. On the heels of a superb ESPN report last summer on the vanishing play spaces for Bronx youth because of the stadium, this is more of the same. For improvements to the video and sound systems in the stadium, the Yankees want $34 million. This is a team that just spent $423 million on three players? What unmitigated gall.

All I can say is "How dare the Yankees?!" Have they no shame? They make crazy, buttloads of money, completely unbalance the MLB financial structure, buy playoff teams and then ask for a handout? If they get it, the officials who approve it should be impeached.

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