Wednesday, July 23, 2008

ESPYs Baby!

Hello! Mike and I are back from our week in Hollywood.
We had a great time, but we are sure glad to be back in AZ :)
On Tuesday, we got to dine at The Ivy. We pulled up to the valet and the paparazi ran out to take pictures and realized we were no one important and ran back inside. It was quite funny. On Wednesday, we got to go to the ESPY's as guests of Matt Leinart's. That was very fun b/c we got to walk the red carpet and see a whole bunch of movie stars and sports stars. Justin Timberlake hosted the ESPYs and did a fabulous job. I'm not a huge Justin Timberlake fan (probably b/c I'm not 20), but I have to say that he was absolutely hilarious. [editor note: I agree on both counts]
We sat behind Steve Nash and most of the Celtics. Then, they had a party after and I got to meet and talk to Michael Strahan, Braylin Edwards, Steve Nash (AZ shout out) and Tony Gonzales and a whole bunch of other huge football players that I had no idea what their names were. (not even sure if I'm spelling their names correctly) Mike knew everyone and kept throwing out stats from their rookie years, which was quite funny.
Later we got to go to an "after After Hours Party" for about 300 people. One thing about LA is that there is always a party after a party. We got to talk to Samuel L. Jackson, Chris Berman and Paul Pierce (no gang signs please). I got to give love to my KU peeps Mario Chalmers and his dad. My favorite of the second party was WNBA Candice Parker and her family. She was super nice and VERY tall.
Then, on Thursday, we went to Matt Leinart's annual fundraiser at the Lucky Strike Bowl in Hollywood. Mike got to bowl with Greg Odom (a spectacular performance of 150 for both). Again, we saw a bunch of sports stars, but who really cares about them. Let's talk about the reality stars I saw.
I saw the entire Kardashian family (sans the mom) and they are just as pretty in person. The whole family is very small (I refuse to think that I am big) and they are very nice. The highlight of the night was getting to hang with the "Girls Next Door" -Bridget and Kendra. Wow! They are really tiny (except the boobs)! Of course, there were like 7 after hours parties after the fundraiser. On second thought, my favorite athlete of the night of the fundraiser was Brandon Mebane, DT from Seattle. He was super down-to-earth and brought two friends, who collectively weighed 1,200 pounds (big dudes). I had to find others to chat with since Mike was off all night with The Girls Next Door!
#1 is "Purvis" with Reggie Bush
#2 is her husband with Greg Odom

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