Friday, June 6, 2008

Pro Soccer Comes To Phoenix

The Phoenix Metro Region ("Valley of the Sun") is very large --about 7 million people. Yet we have no pro soccer franchise. Part of that is the glut of pro teams around Phoenix, and another part is the crazy hot summers we have here. Basically MLS soccer would require some sort of dome or retractable roof --which is expensive and disfavored by MLS.

The good news is that Steve Nash is interested in getting involved in MLS. The trick is convincing him to bring the team to Phoenix. No doubt he is more interested in NYC or Canada, but he owes us, right?

Regardless, Phoenicians have two big soccer events to look forward to this month.

First, our local semi-pro team, the Arizona Sahuaros have qualified for the U.S. Open Cup. The Cup is the oldest American soccer tournament and is open to all pro and club teams. The fun is when one of the "AAA" teams beat MLS teams --which usually happens once a year or so. The Sahuaros play the USL's ("AAA" soccer) Seattle Sounders on June 10 at Grand Canyon University. Read the write-up HERE. This is a great opportunity for the Sahuaros to represent Phoenix soccer and to attract investors. Moreover, it will be a fun event. Read more on the Sahuaros intersting history HERE. Go Sahuaros!

An even bigger event was just announced as well. On June 25th, Chivas dG of the Mexican League will take on the New York Red Bulls of MLS at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale. Read the article HERE.

This is a huge opportunity for "Phoenix Rising" and others who want an MLS team for Phoenix, to demonstrate our passion and interest in high-level soccer. Phoenix Rising is organizing a supporters group for the game HERE. I doubt that Chivas will send their top side, but it is still Chivas, even though it is an exhibition game. It should be a blast.

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