Friday, May 23, 2008

Time to Move

BBC News reports here that more violence against foreigners has hit South Africa today. With over 40 foreingers killed, things are out of hand.
The LA Times comments today:
If the troubles in South Africa keep escalating and the attacks on foreigners keep spreading, the 2010 World Cup is doomed and might as well be moved elsewhere right now.

These rumors have been around for some time. Moving the Cup is a good idea. I'd love an excuse to see South Africa, but it would be incredibly expensive and if it isn't "guaranteed safe", as a father of three, I can't afford to go. Better for SA to host in 2018 or 2022 --when things are more stable. Simply put, the World Cup is too important to risk a failed venture. To be fair, South Africa pulled off the much smaller 1995 Rugby World Cup with little violence or problems.

So if the Cup is moved, it will probably be to the USA or Germany. Both of which are fine with me. The 2006 World Cup in Germany was darn-near perfect and as far as I'm concerned, Germany can host every cup. As for USA, that would be a blast and it would be much cheaper for me to attend in my own back yard.

Its time for FIFA to make a statement about South Africa and either explain how the problems are being addressed (instead of generalities and platitudes) or prepare to move the 2010 tournament.

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Roosevelt Old Bouy said...

Is this such a big surprise? Sepp needs to suck it up, admit he was an idiot in the first place, and give the game to the US!