Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Arena Football Rankings Week 6

Wow, Sed Bonner certainly had his revenge this week as he led his new team, the Chicago Rush, to a dominating victory over his old team, the Arizona Rattlers. Sadly the Rattlers are not good. Yet they are not bad enough to miss the playoffs and earn a refund for season ticketholders.

RANK Last Week Team W/L Comment
1. (1) Philadelphia Soul 5-0 -Five weeks at #1
2. (2) Dallas Desperados 5-0 -Beat a bad NY team by 2
3. (3) Chicago Rush 4-1 -Bonner’s Revenge against AZ
4. (5) New Orleans Voodoo 4-1 -Beat Crush on road
5. (4) Tampa Bay Storm 2-2 -Narrow loss to Philly
6. (6) Cleveland Gladiators 3-1 -How Good is Cleveland???
7. (7) San Jose Sabercats 3-2 -So-so vs. winless KC
8. (14) Grand Rapids Rampage 2-2 -176 pts scored in 2 weeks!
9. (11) Orlando Predators 3-2 -Three narrow wins in a row.
10. (10) Georgia Force 2-3 -Disappointing Season
11. (9) Colorado Crush 1-3 -No longer an elite team.
12. (8) Arizona Rattlers 2-3 -Smoker is not the answer
13. (13) Columbus Destroyers 1-4 -A lost season?
14. (12) Los Angeles Avengers 2-3 -Gave up 84 to Grand Rapids
15. (15) New York Dragons 1-3 -Decent effort this week.
16. (16) Utah Blaze 0-5 -Blaze need to find some Defense.
17. (17) Kansas City Brigade 0-4 -Changes must be made.


Anonymous said...

Dear Blogdudes:

I fondly recall the good-old-days of childless young-adulthood when Final Four Saturday meant good friends, tasty food and brew and a double-shot of consistently outstanding college basketball games which easily KO'ed the over-hyped, snooz-a-thon Super Bowl as the pinnacle of American televised sporting entertainments.

Now, you ask? Got a book club meeting this Saturday night.

Seriously. Book club.

Nuttin' 'gainst readin', but truly only the degree of my lameness is open to debate. So I seek guidance from the red-blooded authority which actual interest (semi-publicly expressed!) in arena football bestows so manfully upon you: am I beyond redemption? Doomed to some pseudo-intellectual "Mr. MFA" persona for whom--nose in the air--such trivial pursuits as college basketball comprise mere flickering fodder for the teeming, muddling, middling masses?

Todd said...

Relax guy, your life isn't that bleak or that interesting for that matter. You can still watch the NCAA final and that's all that matters. Plus you ever hear of TIVO?